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Would You Eat A Boba Omelette? Netizen Shares Ways To Make It




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Via The Urban List

Bobba craze is everywhere these days from using gula Melaka to boba cakes and boba hot pots-  Oh! And french fries topped with boba. You would think it would stop there,  but nope! Guess that still isn’t enough for some, as one netizen shows another level of addiction to the tapioca balls.

The netizen went on to Twitter to share his experiment with boba + omelette= “boba omelette”. And the turn out? Cringe worthy. The few pictures shared, were a step-by-step “recipe” on how to make the omelette. He captioned the tweet;

“How would a pearl and omelette taste like?”


If you’re keen to try this new invention, here are a few steps to follow;

  • Crack some eggs and put aside the boba
  • Beat the eggs in a bowl
  • Add the boba to the mixture
  • Fry up the pan and pour in the omelette and taadaa!! You get a very appealing looking omelette.

Via Twitter

Since then the tweet has gone viral with over 470 retweets, as of writing. Many who’ve seen this tweet had mixed feelings with the new creation. And (umm) we must agree.

However the netizens that shared the pictures was believed to not be the person who actually made the boba omelette.

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