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Would You Let Someone Cut Queue To Buy Just One Item? – Fly’s AM Mayhem

Here’s today's round up from Fly’s AM Mayhem Podcast




In today’s (17 April) Fly’s AM Mayhem podcast, Hafiz, Guibo and RD discusses ‘If someone asks you if they can cut the queue to buy just 1 item, would you let them?’

Guibo recently told Hafiz and RD, about the time he went grocery shopping and waited 45 minutes in line to pay for his groceries when an elderly man came up to him and asked to cut queue to pay for his one item.

“I was in a sticky situation, because I was waiting in line to pay for my groceries. The average time to pay for my groceries was around 45 mins. And then comes running this really old and sweet uncle. This uncle comes up to me and asks “excuse me do you mind if I can cut the queue because all I have to do is buy this soap”…”

“…So…I let the uncle cut the queue.”- Guibo

Hafiz somewhat agreed to letting an elderly cut queue, while had RD shared a much different opinion and expressed that he wouldn’t be too happy if someone asked to cut through.

Tune in to the conversation here, and hear what RD has to say

The Fly’s AM Mayhem also asked Fly’s Rakyat “If someone asks you if they can cut the queue to buy just 1 item, would you let them?”And here’s their response

In another topic of the day, Hafiz, Guibo and RD talked about the recent postponement of this years SPM holders who will be taking their exams next year.

Fly’s AM Mayhem spoke to two sisters Afrina and Alani,who will have to take their SPM together in 2021. Afrina was suppose to take her SPM this year, but because of the Movement Control Order (MCO) the exam has been postponed and Afrina will have to take her SPM the same year as her sister, Alani.

Here’s what the sisters have to say

Are you happy that SPM is postponed? Share us your thoughts!

Tune in to us live on air on FlyTV, mobile app and website, and catch up with Hafiz, Guibo and RD on the podcast.

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