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Would You Rather Have Your Mom Or Your Dad Know EVERYTHING About You?

Mom or dad?




Confiding to your parents can either be horrifying or totally comforting, and there’s usually one person that you will feel find easiest to talk to about your problems.

On the Fly’s AM Mayhem ‘Would You Rather Wednesday,’ Hafiz, Guibo and RD, share which parent they share the most secrets too

“I never really grew up with my mom, because she was always overseas…So the only way we could bond is by sharing everything either through the phone or we have a video call. So, I will share stuff like, oh you know my girlfriend did this to me, I don’t know what I should do, how I should respond…I’m really close to my mom like that!” RD

“Mine would be my mom…Because my dad is very judgy…Whatever you share with him, he’ll use it against you in the future! So, I’d rather share with my mom because my mom, she’ll just listen she doesn’t give her own input, while my dad will give his own two cents and dictate you in your decision making!”- Hafiz


“I use to share a lot with my dad, when he was still alive…because my mom lives in the states I don’t talk to her that much. When it comes to girls, cars and stuff like that, me and my dad would totally bond over that. But my mom…I would filter whatever I share with her and would also be careful with a lot of stuff that I share with her”- Guibo

Fly Rakyats also shared their response

Tune in to the conversation here!

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