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“You” Season 2 New Trailer Reveals Joe Goldberg’s New Identity

He’s creeped into a new city




Netflix’s second series of the eerie drama “You” is now here.

“You” 2 sees Joe Goldberg, starring Penn Badgley, moving to Los Angeles from New York to start a new life and quickly finds a new love interest in his new home, to creep on.

The latest trailer does not reveal much of what will happen in the new series, leaving fans questioning of what to expect. However, one important detail from the trailer is the new identity that is introduced by Goldberg. At the end of the clip the psychopath, introduces himself as, “Will”. One thing for sure is Goldberg’s creepy ways of staring at strangers and analyzing them still remains.

Watch the latest trailer of “You”” season below.

The series is expected to hit Netflix 26 Dec. 2019.

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