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5 Youtubers You Can Binge On

today22 January 2019


YouTube is literally our Go-to for everything these days. From How to’s to Don’t do’s and just some entertainment fun to keep ourselves occupied during awkward times, YouTube is our BFF.

With so many great YouTube videos out there, we decided we would list down a few YouTube channels to check out and binge to while you’re waiting for the time to pass.



The hilarious SoImJenn (AKA Jenn Chia) is ever so entertaining with her quirky personality. With 61,598 subscribers (as of now) on her youtube channel It’s hard not to like this Youtuber as her continuous video has a variety of options from original songs, PSA , skits, travel vlogs and so much more.

Night Owl Cinematics

If you love comedy skits, Night owl Cinematics (NOC) is one Youtube channel you should subscribe to. Founded by Singaporean husband-and-wife duo Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan, NOC creates multiple hilarious videos that are frequently trending to YouTube. The channel has tons of video series segments, from parodies of working life in Singapore to reviews of eateries around the city.

Dee Kosh

Dee Kosh who as of now has 283,060 subscribers on you tube is a guy with a huge personality. We’ll admit he’s not for everyone.  But if you love watching relatable rants, witty interviews and a lot of sass, then you’ll love “Singapore’s most annoying person”.

Says Nandini

If you don’t know who Nandini is, you’re missing out! This Says’s YouTube personality has caught our attention since coming out with relatable rant videos like, “5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Comment On People’s Skin Colour”, to how to dodge the “Busybody Questions During Deepavali”. Her videos will have you giggling at all the similar awkward situations you’ve been in, and quietly wish you could react to, the same way as Nandini.

The ACE family

What’s goin’ on Ace Familaaaaaaaaaay? If you’re familiar with them, then you definitely heard that in their voices, whether on YouTube or trending on your Instagram explore. With over 15 million subscribers,  The ACE family is one entertaining family that will get you hooked no matter what. The family friendly YouTubers post daily content, including, pranks, challenges, behind-the-scenes of events, and vlogs of their daily adventures. With an extremely large fan base the family captures our attention by solely making us feel like we’re a part of their family.

Fly TV

Call us bias, but Fly TV is entertaining to watch.  The boys HafizGuibo continue to crack us up with their constant parodies. One we still can’t get over is “I like Malaysia like that” parody From Cardi B’s “I Like it like that” and  DJ Snake’s “Taki Taki” parody of Laki-Laki.  Their parodies are not just silly, they’re also relatable and actually have good meaning behind them. As a music platform Fly TV focuses a lot of one on one interview with international and local artist to look out for! So if you’re a music and concert junkie, this is one YouTube channel to subscribe to.



Written by: Elyda

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