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Yuna Hails Up-and-Coming Malaysian Artists As “Brave”, ”Independent” & “Inspiring”

Our #womancrush all day every day has nothing but love for the Malaysian music scene!




No matter how far she is from home or how high up the charts she is, our homegirl Yuna never forgets her roots. And in remembering where she’s from, the Myspace breakthrough artist is always singing our praises and sharing our Malaysian pride. In a recent interview with LA-based radio station KCRW, Yuna (whose real name is Yunalis Binti Mat Zara’ai) spoke highly of the local Malaysian music scene.


“The KL music scene is small, but it’s constantly growing. I’ve been spending a lot of time back in Malaysia and I’m getting to know all the new, younger artists that are brave to be themselves, they’re just having fun and they’re independent, it’s very inspiring to see that!”


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As (pre-COVID-19) the 33-year-old hitmaker split most of her time between her home in Kuala Lumpur and LA, Yuna went on to explain the similarities between the music scene in both cities.


“With LA, it’s super competitive, but at the same time, artists are always collaborating and I think in Malaysia that culture is getting very popular… different genres intertwining with each other, it’s very refreshing.”



With Yuna being an icon in her own style and music (who once described her music as “a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay”), she’s had her own share of exciting collaborations – from her unforgettable single with Usher (“Crush”) to working with producers like Pharrell Williams and David Foster. But the performance that she’s most looking forward to?


“I’ve always wanted to play a stadium show in my city, bringing my all-female band and just have fun and perform all of my songs (even the ones in Malay).”



Fingers crossed we’ll get to hear her new songs “Stay Where You Are” and “Invisible” in person soon!


*Cover image credits: Yuna’s Instagram

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