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Yuna Reminisces Her Past In “Castaway” New MV

She’s castaway to a better place




Yuna is on a roll!

The singer has released yet another music video for “Castaway” featuring Tyler, The Creator.

This is Yuna’s fourth music video of the year following her Rouge LP in July.

During an interview with Billboard, Yuna shared “All of the artists that I worked with, they all have their own worlds, right? And sometimes they don’t match with mine,” she said of her collaboration with artists like Tyler.

“Like Tyler (the Creator)’s world does not match with mine. But somehow, some way, for some of the songs I think when I wrote them, I already knew. ‘This is so Tyler, even though maybe Tyler hasn’t done anything like this. This is so him.’ I just know it and I follow my gut.”

The MV is of Yuna reminiscing her past inside her quaint home. Styled in a wool multi-colored sweater, her look is the perfect mix to the house’s vintage decor. Tyler later appears in a flowery vest, and raps away to different areas of the home, including the bathtub.

We can never get enough of you Yuna!  Keep up the amazing work!


Source: Billboard

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