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Yuna Will Have You Feeling Defiant With Newly Released Album ‘Rouge’

She is ready to break norms which her fiery tracks.



Image result for Yuna Rouge album cover

We cant help but to feel powered and fiery from the Rouge Album from our none other than Malaysian household name Yuna! With the red theme splashed all over her album cover down to the songs( if you know what I mean). As we patiently wait for videos to come out complementing her songs from an album that has collaborations that we have only dreamed about. Rouge is Yuna’s fourth international studio album already!

From the songs itself one can clearly tell that Yuna is making a statement and she is more than ready to break norms even if that means she is called defiant ever so often.

Yuna made an announcement on Instgram and Twitter today prepping fans thta the party has begun

Also you can have a listening party at Spotify for the full album

Or better yet watch theese amzing videos that match her songs ever so perfectly on Youtube

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