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Yuna’s Feature with Epik High’s New Album is Out!

“Proud for our Malaysian gurl”



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Malaysian’s favourite songstress Yuna will be one of the artists featured on Korean alternative hip hop trio Epik High’s upcoming new album, “Sleepless In __________”, which just released!  Epik High’s member Tablo revealed the list of people collaborating with them on their album which includes Suga from BTS, indie singer-songwriter sunwoojunga, R&B singer Crush, and hip-hop artist-producer Code Kunst, including our favourite Malaysian Yuna!

Yuna retweeted the post and fans filled the comment section with nothing but congratulatory and happy wishes.

“Good luck Kak Yuna for the collab release, we Malaysians, are so proud of you changing the setting and doing things that no other are doing, you’re a revolutionary in Malaysia music industry,” read one tweet.

Many of us Malaysians are in awe of our songstress and extremely proud. Its been awhile since we’ve heard a collaboration from Yuna, and we have to say we are in love with the song. Yuna sounds fresh and adds a complete twist to the rather old school mellow rap o the song. Yuna is one artist that has a very distinct tone when it comes to her voice, and it’s honestly what makes her quite different from the rest of the singers. I really do appreciate a song that has a solo female voice, it adds depth and creates an almost sultry vibe, that many try to achieve but Yuna hardly has to try. Fans only have the best to say, with some claiming Yuna sounds so different.

Kim Hanbin

“Dayummmm this is so goood immmmma proud Malaysian”


nisaaa. aaa_

Good job Epik high and Yuna. Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾


Just Me

We still can heard the real Yuna’s voice at the 3:15 rite. No different in her voice just she sing in higher pitch than before. 🎵♥️😘


Fluffy People

“I’m so proud of yunaaa😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

Your doing great gurl❤️❤️😭”


Vips Forever

it just me felt it yuna voice sound different.. i used to listen to her songs, but she’s sound different in this song.. its a good song from epic high..


Sara Muzir

Proud for our malaysian gurl 🌹


Cannot Brain

Wowwww Yuna😱 so different voice then before.🤔 But wow😍

Yuna first met Epik High at the Coachella Music Festival in the United States three years ago. As a Malaysian, I am beyond proud to have a fellow female singer crossing borders and make the country proud, doing absolutely what she loves. Yuna’s songs are truly a representation of who she is and us Malaysians. Yuna we will continue to support you wherever you may be in the world next.

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