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Zedd And Katy Perry Give Big Hints On New Collab

Word has it that Zedd and Katy Perry are collaborating- For real.



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Word has it that Zedd and Katy Perry are collaborating- For real.

Rumors of the collaboration have swirled since the “Stay” producer first shared a clip of Perry in his vocal booth during his trip to Australia in August of 2018. Fans got even more excited when Zedd shared a photo of the singer’s dog Nugget on his sound board in November, further prompting the rumor speculation. However, Zedd was quick to mitigate hopes.

During an interviews with Australian radio personality Smallzy, he said “I’m always relatively open about the fact that I make a lot of music with people.” He added,“It doesn’t always come out, but we’ve been working. I always wanted to release a song with her (Katy Perry), so if we all get lucky, then maybe we’ll finish the song and it will come out.”

Now, those hopes have been reignited! On Feb 13, the two entertainers share a round of emoji tag on twitter, trading screenshots and stories back and forth- keeping fans on their toes.

Katy responded to Zedd’s “thinking” emoji with a thought bubble, Zedd then replied with a question mark. Soon after Katy responded with a robot head, Zedd answered with a ticking clock, and Katy’s last respond was with a teddy bear.

If the dynamic duo’s collaboration works out, it will mark the first record released in 2019 for Zedd and the first for Perry since last year’s Amazon exclusive single “Cozy Little Christmas” and her 2017 album Witness. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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